Hamilton Property Management is now an Elite Partner of Tenancy.co.nz

I am proud to announce that Hamilton Property Management has become an Elite Partner of Tenancy.co.nz (formerly known as Tenancy Practice Services). We have been using this technology for a while now, and we have just been made an Elite Partner. We believe that this will strengthen what we do for you as one of our Owners. Partnering with Tenancy.co.nz gives us (and YOU) the confidence that we will always be up to date with the latest changes to compliance and legislation, and it gives you confidence that your property is well looked after.

Being an Elite Partner gives us access to the following modules:

1. Tenantcheck

Tenantcheck is a background and credit reporting system available exclusively to property managers. It allows property managers to professionally check prospective tenants in real time.

Placing the right tenant at the beginning of the tenancy is key to avoiding future issues. This system provides us with peace of mind that we are making the best decision for our owners.

Tenancy.co.nz use Centrix - which is the main Credit Checking Bureau for the Property Management industry in NZ

Running a Centrix check on applicants is a key component of checking whether they are going to be appropriate for the property. This will confirm their name, date of birth, gender, drivers licence, last known and previous addresses, District Court fines, property ownership, file access from other companies, credit defaults, company affiliations as well as insolvencies and judgments.

ID Verification is included in this service.

2. eBundle PRO

eBundle Pro is an online tenancy portal which allows tenants to easily make an application online, and then seamlessly create a cloud-based tenancy agreement based on the tenants information and our property details.

Tenancy.co.nz have a team of industry experts continuously working to deliver an agreement that is legal and compliant for property managers. Their team are constantly updating the agreement, so it is up to date with new legislative changes, providing property managers (and OWNERS) with peace of mind.

The number one is goal of Tenancy.co.nz is to keep property managers (and OWNERS) safe, they do this based on decades of experience.

3. Total Tenancy

Total Tenancy is only available to qualifying professional property managers. It is an on online platform that bridges the gap between law and reality. It provides many tools, documents and training resources that are vital to running a property management business.

Total Tenancy provides full-time access to resources, guides, and training to help us (Hamilton Property Management) stay compliant with current tenancy legislation.

If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.