Landlord Insurance


Managing Risk - We can help

A major part of investing in rental property is managing risk. Using a good Property Manager will reduce the risk because it is their job, and they are professionals.

What sets Hamilton Property Management apart from other good property managers is the added value of providing an Insurance Review in our already competitive fee.
The Insurance review is intended only as a summary and general overview. It does not constitute financial advice

Hamilton Property Management is an approved agent for REAL Landlord Insurance - who specialise in insuring rental properties - and only available to property managers.



The REAL Landlord Insurance New Zealand Ltd Policies are the most comprehensive landlord insurance scheme in New Zealand, having been specifically designed to provide a full range of cover for landlords.

Their Landlord Preferred Policies stand apart from other standard insurance policies that often do not cover the risks associated with rental properties such as intentional damage or theft by tenants and their guests.

Under the REAL Landlord Preferred policies, landlords are covered against:

loss of rent as a result of various tenants’ actions
intentional damage and theft to their building (limited cover up to $35,000 maximum depending on cover taken)
(or combined with the Building/Dwelling policies owners have enhanced cover up to $60,000)
loss or damage to the contents of their premises (limited cover up to $50,000 maximum depending on cover taken) including accidental damage
legal liabilities for occurrences on their property causing death or bodily injury to other people, or damage to other people’s property up to $2 million.
Note that the REAL Landlord Insurance policy no longer includes cover for Meth damage/contamination for new policies.

For a full insurance package, REAL Landlord Insurance can also provide a Building/Dwelling policy at an extremely competitive price.

To discuss how the REAL Landlord Insurance policies can protect you better, just give the REAL office a call on Freephone 0800 00 3545 or +64 9 4380650. We recommend that if you have any questions on the policies that you talk to them directly. Please advise them that you are calling on referral from Hamilton Property Management when you call.

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