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All inspections are included in our fee.

Owners Inspection
We will inspect the property with the owner when we first take over management of a property. At this stage we will discuss any issues at the property, and create a maintenance plan for the next 12 months if required. Owners are welcome to join us at any inspection that we do.

Commencement Inspection
A commencement inspection is conducted with the tenant(s) present, photos are taken and then we will then we provide them with keys and possession of the property. We also supply them with a copy of the commencement inspection report, which is signed by both parties.

Periodic Inspections
We do a first inspection at the property after 5-6 weeks. We then do routine inspections every 13 weeks after that, or more often if deemed necessary.
This inspection is not as detailed as the start of tenancy inspection as it is more of a ‘walk through’ checking room-by-room that the tenant is keeping the property damage-free and reasonably clean and tidy. We also check the smoke alarms.
We also note any maintenance issues and any other recommendations needed to assist you in keeping the property in the best condition possible.

Inspection when the tenant vacates
When the tenant lets us know they will be vacating, we send them detailed information on our expectations of how the property needs to be presented.
Once the tenant has fully vacated and ready for the final inspection, we conduct this inspection with the tenant(s) present and compare the property to the commencement inspection report completed at the time the tenant moved into the property.
We carefully check through the report item-by-item, ensuring it has been left in the same condition as when they moved in, taking into account reasonable wear and tear for the period of time they have been in the property. This is a legislative requirement.
We ensure the property has been left reasonably clean & tidy. We check the smoke alarm, and also read the water meter (if applicable).

All inspections are emailed to the landlord, and they can also be viewed in our Landlord login portal.


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