Why choose Hamilton Property Management?

We will -

  • Find the Best Tenant

  • For the Best Rent

  • In the Fastest time

Here are 9 more reasons why we believe our property management service is the The Best Value for Hamilton landlords:

1. Full Service Package

Hamilton Property Management provides a full service package for owners, which means that you can relax and not worry about all those tricky details that go into managing a rental property. 

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2. No Fixed Term

Hamilton Property Management do not lock in owners for a fixed term. At any time you (the owner) can give 1 week's notice to move the property away from us. We believe we will do such a good job that a fixed term is not required.

3. Personal Service

With Hamilton Property Management's exclusive approach you’ll receive attentive, personalised service every time. You will have your very own Property Manager, and you are always welcome to call in for a coffee and have a chat.

4. No fees for arranging maintenance

We don’t charge additional commission for arranging maintenance work. Yet this is commonly charged by other Property Managers – and can quickly erode your profitability on your property. Check our fee schedule now.

5. Management of Rent Arrears

While there are other property management companies that promise zero tolerance on late payments, the difference is that Hamilton Property Management will always follow our strict processes to ensure the rent is paid.

6. Secure Trust Account

We use a "Secure Trust Account" which is separate from our trading account. All incoming rents and outgoing payments to Landlords, Tradespeople or other creditors for your rental property go through the Trust Account.

7. Leading edge software

Hamilton Property Management uses trusted and proven software, which is always kept up to date with leading edge technology, for the management of your property. 

8. We are independent

Unlike many other property management companies - which are linked to real estate companies - we focus exclusively on property management - no sales or casual lets

9. Elite Partner of Tenancy.co.nz

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