Landlords - Why choose Hamilton Property Management?


What do you want from your investment property?

  • Do you want to get value out of your Hamilton investment property?
  • Do you want to maximise your return and minimise your stress?
  • Do you want your Hamilton investment property to be as profitable as possible – and choosing the right Property Manager is key to the profitability.
  • Are you being careful enough about who you’re entrusting your Hamilton property management to?
  • Why choose us for your Hamilton property management?
  • Here are 10 reasons why we believe our property management service is the The Best Value for Hamilton landlords:

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  • Managing your Risk - Insurance review included

    The biggest risks for property investors/landlords are:
    - damage to the property
    - missing out on rent because the property is untenantable for a period of time due to damage (can be weeks or months), and
    - rent arrears

    Hamilton Property Management will not only help you minimise and manage these risks, we will also help you to review the insurance policies that you have on your rental property. Click here for more detail.
    *The Insurance review is intended only as a summary and general overview. It does not constitute financial advice.

  • No fixed term

    Hamilton Property Management does not lock in owners for a fixed term. At any time from the beginning of the agreement, the owner can give 1 month's notice to move the property away from us. We believe we will do such a good job that a fixed term is not required.

  • No additional charges for arranging maintenance

    We don’t charge additional commission for maintenance work. Yet this is commonly charged by other Property Managers – and can quickly erode your profitability on your property. Check our charges now.

  • Management of Rent Arrears

    While there are other property management companies that promise zero tolerance on late payments, the difference is that Hamilton Property Management will make contact with the tenant within 24 hours and personally visit them, if required, to collect the outstanding rent.

  • Full Service Package

    As your Hamilton Property Manager, we perform the following Services, which are all inclusive in the single management fee:

    ➤ Rent Appraisal and Property Presentation
    ➤ Financial Management and Reporting
    ➤ Marketing Your Property
    ➤ Choosing a Tenant
    ➤ Tenancy Agreements and Moving In
    ➤ Property Inspections
    ➤ Rent Collection and Rent Arrears
    ➤ Tenant Vacating
    ➤ Repairs and Maintenance
    ➤ Insurance reviews

  • Secure Trust Account

    We use a "Secure Trust Account" which is separate from our trading account. All incoming rents and outgoing payments to Landlords, Tradespeople or other creditors for your rental property go through the Trust Account.

  • Personal Service

    With Hamilton Property Management’s exclusive approach you’ll receive attentive, personalised service every time. All properties are managed personally by Jeremy Barker, your Property Manager and owner of Hamilton Property Management.

  • We use leading edge technology

    Hamilton Property Management uses leading edge software for the management of your property. This means you can log in anytime and anywhere to see rent payments, inspections etc. All interactions with the tenant are put in a diary which is available to view.

  • We are independent

    Have you noticed how many property management companies are linked to real estate companies? You don’t have that worry with Hamilton Property Management. Being proudly independent, our goal is to provide you with a first-class service so that you get the best possible returns on your property investment.

  • We are on call 24/7 for emergencies

    Property management doesn’t sleep! We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with after-hour emergencies, to minimise any damage to your property.


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